John Pershing

By Wyatt Broadway


John Pershing is a great general for U.S Army. He lead the troops to the Spanish American war. He lead the buffalo soldiers to the 10th Calvary. John Pershing joined the army as a army officer. Read on to find out more about John Pershing.

Early Life
John Pershing was born on a farm in the barn right before the civil war started on September 13 1860.He went to Kirksvill. John Pershing went to the University of Nebraska and earned his law degree. For his later college years he sudied at west point Acadamy to become an army officer.

Adult Life
adult hWhen John Pershing was an e got married in Washington D.C. John Pershing wife and 3 daughters died in a fire. Then he joined the Army in 1882. He fought in world war I. He died shortly after world war II begain.

Greatest Accomplishments
After he led the U.S Army to the war and won he got the nickname of Black Jack. He also got the highest ranking. John Pershing was an five star General. Last of he died serving for are Country.

• John Pershing was a famous American who started out as a Army Officer. He later became a General and led the U.S. Troops through World War I. But a sad day fell John Pershing died of old age in 1946. If it wasn’t for John Pershing we wouldn’t win all these battles or world war I.