GPCI & Technology


Use technology appropriately and effectively everyday in your classroom

Dynamic use of technology

Scholar No-No's

Scholars should not have computer open while walking down hall

Scholars should not download or install games, it will cost $5 to get re-imaged

No Computers at lunch

Do not change computer login, it will cost $5 to get it re-imaged

Come with laptop Charged to class

Classroom Procedures


  • In class, what is computer usage procedure during instruction & during collaboration time.
  • Login & Passwords: keep sheet in Avid Binder?
  • Schoology: post the details & get the App on your phone

Instructor Programs

Skyward (attendance, grades, progress & 9 week grades)

Eduphoria (staff development, teacher evaluations)

Aesop: Ms. Mona

Student Programs

Schoology (LMS)

Compass Learning (Enrichment/Blended learning)

Think Through Math (Enrichment/Blended learning)

Skyward (Grades)

Individualized by teacher

Flip it

Flip it or Blend it to Differentiate it!


I want to collaborate with you, lets see what we can do together

Send me email and I will come see what I can do

Then I will put in work order