weathering and erosion

  • Weathering and erosion are cool things to the earth.
  • Erosion is the process of breaking things down.
  • The total overall effect of breaking down and WEATHERING  theland is called denudation. (-;
  • Denudation is the processof erosion.
  • Large things are broken into smaller things.
  • Giant boulders turn into sand, and when mountains are rained on they eventually become hills.
  • Weathering and erosion always happen in the down direction.
  • If you see a tiny piece of rock and pull it out of a mountain. Then throw it on the ground, your now part of the erosion in that mountain!
  • When it rains rocks are washed down a mountain or stream. Soils are washed away, then an ocean beats against a cliff and breaks it apart.
  • Its crazy and all of these are examples of denudation.
  • Things don't just go poof and disappear!
  • The masses of dirt and rock are moved to another form and place!
  • Mass wasting can happen in 2 ways!!!!!!!!!!!

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