Medical-HOspital Insurance

This insurance covers expenses for hospitalization such as; room, food, an operating room, anesthesia, and lab test.

To obtain this insurance follow these procedures:

- Fill out an application to first apply for hospitalization insurance.

- Turn in your regular health insurance card, to get a quote.

- Make your first premium payment, then decide how much your will to pay monthly.

Everyone should obtain medical-hospital insurance, but those who mainly need to apply for it are those who; frequently visit the doctor, have bad health, or who can't pay hospital expenses on their own.

The importance of having medical-hospital insurance is to help you pay off your hospitalization bills, especially when they're extremely expensive. Having this insurance also makes sure you're properly taken care of and not treated wrong due to not having insurance.

The factors that determine the cost of your health insurance are:

1. Extent of coverage

2. Number of claims filed

3. Age of the policyholder

4. Number of dependents

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