~Transformations and similarity!!!

Transformation is an operation that maps an original geometric figure and similarity is the state or fact of being similar...!!

I'm going to teach you all about rotation,dilation,translation,reflection, and similarity!!!!:))

Rotation is an transformation of a figure that is rotated, or turned at any given point. A rotation does not change the shape or size of a figure.Therefore the preimage and image are congruent.Here is an example of rotation below. Just think of rotation as turning.


Dilation uses a scale factor to enlarge or reduce a figure.Which means the figure gets smaller or bigger.The shape is the same,but the size is different....

The dilation picture above size of the shape changes.


Translation slides a figure form one place to another without turning it.The sides of the figures are congruent.Think of sliding when you see translation.


Reflection is an mirror image of a figure.The point of the image and preimage are the same distance from the line of reflection.The figure will flip during reflection.


The triangles above are similar when you compare the corresponding sides they equal.

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