Visit this beautiful country.

Traditional food

People think food is just food in china, but, its one of their longest tradition. Its for spending time with family and friends.


Music in china is very traditional' it is relaxing and smooth. They were traditional clothing. Non traditional music is mostly pop and classic.  

Chinas longitude and latitude

Chinas longitude is 103.0000°E  latitude 35.0000°N. China is a very massive country with a lot of people. seas next to China. East china sea, Bayof bengal, Andaman sea, South china sea. Chinas neighbors Mongolia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos.     

Historical event in China

Qin Shi Huang declared himself ruler and he was very selfish and did not care for anyone else but himself.

What I think China should do

China has a lot of people and factory's so that causes global warming and that does not only kill the it kills their food supplies and also pollutes their drinking water. And you see every thing we mostly get is made in china. I think china should stop making everything and chill.


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