survivors of hurricanes

story's of true  hero's

hurricane sandy

In 2012 a devastating hurricane hit Rockaway New York. It left tons of people with out running water and also without power. Some people had to go out there way and save people like this 17 year old boy named Matt. This boy saved his best friends grandmother and his dogs from drowning in the devastating hurricane. As well a young 14 year old girl helped her community to come back after this terrible disaster happened. This brave girl's name is Ariel. Ariel made a websit online to help other children to recover some of the items they lost in hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane katrina

In 2005 the most deadliest hurricane past through America. It destroyed New Orleans , part of South Florida and many other states near New Orleans. A 6 year old boy survived with 4 younger kids. this 6 year old boys name is Deamonte Love. He helped his sibilings survive for at lest a week before they got rescued and sent back to their mother. Deamonte was a leader and he also helped guide the  4 children to safety, soon they got to an airport where they got to fly and meet their mom at a shelter.

survivors !

this 3 survivors helped other children survive or they helped their community and trying to give back some of the items that where lost during the hurricane. The 3 children are considerd heros to me no matter if other people don't think they are hero's

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