Delivering Practical Value - Thomson Reuters

Imagine if we could we compress time and increase value. Imagine if we could optimise the value we can create as a team. What if we did this fast - resolving complex and often unknown challenges at the same time.

Think. Imagine if we were doing all of this quickly in order to align on the important work and demonstrate how we can help deliver the Business Outcomes of Thomson Reuters.

Imagine if we could understand opportunities in a highly creative way, and then connect that insight with practical action to help the overall business unleash real impact and value.

What if we could? We believe we can!

Our Approach

1. Rapid Situation Analysis

For us it's always about the context.

What's actually going on that's driving the question being asked - really. And as a result how much time have we got and why is that. From then on we are pragmatic and practical - let's build and shape the best program to tackle the challenge.

2.Initial Insight Identification

Getting to understand the context. Gathering as much as we can from all the conversations we can create, assess any written materials and get under the skin of the things we can dig up online and elsewhere.

3. Shaping The Right Outcomes

Sitting back and contemplating the best possible design of program. That will inform our choice of our tools and techniques. We ask ourselves what will stimulate better thinking. What structures or provocative ideas might change the nature of the conversation.

4. Transfer Of Capability

We will consider how best to set ourselves up to transfer the capability to the team we are working with. Rather than become a dependency we want to leave enduring value for all of this work - a legacy for the people who will deliver it.

5. Onwards & Upwards

As the program evolves there will be as much interaction as possible and appropriate. We don't want to be a burden but we will need to collaborate directly. That will mean interaction - sessions, meetings, collaboration online and other techniques to build towards the right outcome.

6. As Insight Emerges

Identifying gaps and the need for further capability. We will often identify gaps in knowledge, skill or capacity. We can recommend resolutions to this through our eco-system of partners. Like minded people who can provide certain extra support or contribution if needed. We will never suggest further resources or bring solutions in unless asked or we are all agreed that it's the right thing to do.

7. Vital Outcomes

Delivering the right answer and the best future plan.

The passion and ownership required to implement it. The tools to sustain it - and all of that written up and available always - and all ways.

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