Remember by Christina Rossetti

Olivia B, Makayla F and Timmy P

2. The sonnet "Remember" by Christina Rossetti is about the narrator wanting her beloved to still love and remember her when she dies. The narrator wants him to always remember her but eventually tells him its okay to forget about her. She said "Its better to forget and smile than to remember and be sad."

3. The speaker of this story is Christina Rossetti. She is a very thoughtful and very compassionate woman with a friendly attitude. This is shown when she says "when you can no more hold me by the hand, nor I half turn to go yet turning stay"

The mood of this story is contemplative because she is showing and expressing thoughts and feelings. This is shown when she says "And afterwards remember, do not grieve. For if the darkness and corruption leave"

4. Imagery is used in the sonnet "Remember" when the author gives her descriptin of the afterlife by saying "Gone far away into the silent land"

5. "Remember" by Christina Rossetti is a Petrarchan sonnet

The poetic technique of the poem "Remember" is a iambic pentameter which has a ABBA ABBA octave and a CDE CDE sestet

6. "Imperfect love"

At the beginning of the sonnet, the love between the two people seems strong between the two people seems strong, but sadness and grief creates the idea that death will tear them apart.