David's 18th Birthday

On January 26 David will turn 18!

As you know, David doesn't exactly live the life of a typical highschool senior. Even though he is in school full-time, he is also training full time to win the single position on the US Olympic Sailing Team for the 2016 Games in Rio. That pretty much leaves David with no time for a life of his own. Imagine your life is you were in school full time, at the gym for 3 hours a day, on the water for 4 hours a day and then talking with companies and individuals to raise the money you need to pay for everything...no time at all!

David isn't looking for a huge blowout birthday party or any extravagant gifts. David is constantly focused on paying for his coaching and equipment and he is asking those he knows to simply give $15 (or more if you can) to his campaign to help him pay for the training he needs to make the Olympic Team next year. Will you please help David for his birthday?

You may or may not know that David also donates a considerable amount of time to teaching others about his love for the sport of sailing. David coaches kids in Cleveland and around the country on basic boathandling and progressive racing techniques that will get them on the racecourse and keep them moving up the fleet as they find the same passion David has for the sport. He knows that the most important part of sailing competitively is to love what you are doing and the people around you and so he can always be seen in boatparks with a grin on his face talking to everyone around.

David believes that hard work is the key to success in life. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty or to dive in and get whatever needs to be done accomplished. While he has a lofty goal of bringing Olympic Gold home from Rio, he knows that working hard and realizing you love every moment of what you are doing is the real way to win in life. David wants to show everyone that no matter what happens in life that you can still find happiness and love what you are doing. He knows that dedication to yourself and your own happiness is only accomplished by making those around you successful in what they are doing.

If you want to donate more than $15 for Daivd's birthday, please go to his website and give through the application on the site (you can enter any amount you want). Every dollar he receives is used to improve his performance on the water and helps him live as an example that you get out of life exactly what you put into it.  Thanks for wishing David a happy birthday!