What was trench life like in ww1?

This is a picture of soldiers in the trenches in WW1
This a picture of soldiers hiding in the trenches from enemy fire.

A trench is a narrow ditch that the soldiers would hide in to avoid enemy fire. Infestations were very common in the trenches. Rats, lice, slugs,horned beetles, frogs, and nits were some of these problems. Rats and lice were probably the biggest problems. The rats carried diseases and contaminated the food supply. There are brown and black rats, but the brown were the most feared. When a soldier was killed the rats would feast on the rotting bodies. This led them to, become the size of CATS!!! Lice were a big issue too. They spread like wildfire from soldier to soldier in the trenches. The lice also caused trench fever, which took 12 weeks to recover from AWAY from the the trenches. Trench foot was also a bad disease caused by wet and unsanitary conditions that could cause your foot to be amputated. The front line trenches were the most dangerous because you were closest to enemy fire. And one of the worst things about the trenches was THE SMELL! With the combination of nasty soldiers who hadn't showered in weeks, rotting bodies, stagnant mud, poison gases, rotting sandbags, and cigarette smoke, the smell is almost unbearable. The point is, life in the trenches is NOT fun!

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