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As a precursor to the series finale of Orphan Black, “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow” should have been prime opportunity for new twists and turns to send Cloneclub into even more of a frenzy. We had made this decision early on that this was the arc of this season, and that we would go for it with the character as an individual. The episode was a roller coaster of plots, but all tied together in the end with an overarching threat that will come back big next season.

GM: On the one hand, Sarah’s finally fought her way through the factions to look behind the curtain, and she’ll have one main foe.

But die she does. But Helena broke out of that mindset and made her own choices, while Rudy did not hesitate to abuse women at the behest of his Castor masters. It could be argued that it wasn’t a fair fight, what with Rudy seeing double and all, but kudos to Helena for sticking that screwdriver right into his bicep as promised. It’s just not in her DNA. While she shows some compassion, she reminds him that he’s a rapist and the clones are not the same. Ferdinand’s response is kind of hilarious; he bashes his Neolutionist assistant’s skull in with a baseball, railing against the whole philosophy with each smack. They duel it out and, after a surprisingly touching and emotional scene where they bond over what their lives have been like up until this point, Rudy seems to be on his deathbed. We’re still not sure, but now that she’s resurfaced from the dead (with Rachel and Charlotte under her wing), we’re bound to find out. She gets the notion to ride her motorized chair to look at an envelope placed on her night stand. Apparently it said she can remove her eye patch. Especially when compared to huge reveals concerning Rachel and Krystal, last episode. As the group begins the process of giving Kendall’s blood to Topside, Delphine ends up in conversation with Dyad doctor Nealon who unveils yet another layer to the show’s already padded conspiracy plotline.

The season ends with Sarah, her sisters, family and friends having dinner at Bubbles and celebrating Alison’s election win. The final scene is S, Kendall, and Sarah all meeting up with Kira in the snow of Iceland. Delphine is shot and left to die by someone in heels in an underground parking lot.

I would never underestimate Rachel Duncan.

After a lackluster couple of episodes, the action ramped back up to deliver several conclusions to some lingering storylines, while also introducing the new big bads for Season 4. He starts to drag him toward the sulfuric acid and tells Sarah & Co. that he’ll “be in touch” to work together against Neolution soon.

Delphine quickly calls Sarah to warn her about Ferdinand’s association with Neolutionism, and tells her that she can not give him the genetic material from the Original Clone. It did not tie in to the rest of the story.

One mysterious subplot involved Delphine paying a quick visit with Shay. I love these characters-not just the clones. Maria Doyle Kennedy got to show off her impressive singing abilities, while Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris entertainingly reacted to this performance with a mixture of surprise and awe.

What’s even more shocking is that Delphine grants Shay her blessing and instructs her to have Cosima tell her everything. Because, let’s face it, a lot of this episode felt like overt setup for next season – most notably the return of the Neolutionists. Their objective, so to speak. “We’re opening up a tiny window into some interesting biotech elements in our next season”, Manson said. Are they the true antagonist of the show? “I’m all speeched out”, she admits, as if to ward off the insincere posturing of “Community of awful Fear and Hate”.

Now that everyone knows the Neolutionists not only have Rachel but have also been behind the entire cloning project from the start, the game has shifted a bit.

Besides Sarah, who serves as the clones’ de facto leader, they include Alison, the soccer mom; Helena, a maniacal Ukrainian; Cosima, a brilliant scientist, and more. While I appreciate the momentary happiness each gets, it seems like a way to wrap up the season on a high note while there’s still something dark brewing underneath. Which is more family than any of them has ever had.

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