About homo sapiens neanderthalensis

Who or what is homo sapiens neanderthalensis

Homo sapiens neanderthalensis is a hominid. hominids lived millions of years ago. The nickname for this hominid is Wise man. There are different hominids and this one is a muscly, short, stocky, hairy, large brained, and had a sense of community.


These homosapians survived because they had a power source we call fire. The fire would make them warm and they could also cook there food. This made them healthy and made them survive. They lived in Asia but it got cold. these homosapians had the upper hand in life!But it wasn't just the fire, they had a sense of community. This met that they could work together to fight bigger animals and get to moving around faster. The homosapians had a better chance of living from teamwork!

Physicle discrption

These people are short stocky muscly and very large brained. There foreheads stuck out too. There jaws were very strong and they stuck out too.

A rabbid and hominid

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