Strings Attached
Jordyn Morosky

Character Development

   Kit coming from a little apartment in Rhode Island and knowing nothing about the "city life" comes a long way. She not only comes a long way with adapting to the new enviroment, but also financially and with her dancing career. She may not be the smartest person, but she craves a future as a dancer. Her ex boyfriend Billy who signed up for the army has a dad named Nate who is willing to help her. He buys her a lot of nice things to help her out in the real world. "I peeked through and saw Nate looking over his shoulder. He was carrying a load of shopping bags" (Blundell 74). This clearly shows that Nate wants her to succeed because of how much he is trying to help her out. She also becomes a Lido dancer. She is happy to find that she can dance in New York. Also, she starts working at a club. She needs all of the extra money she can get. Furthermore, she comes a long way throughout her struggles she is faced with in life.


   The setting of this novel is New York City and Province, Rhode Island in the 1950's. "In one of those dramatic changes of weather that seemed to happen all the time in Manhattan, the October day felt like spring" (Blundell 17). There is a huge impact on these areas. New York had many opportunities for her with dancing and Broadway shows. She experienced many things. How differently people treated her and how many people were driven towards the same goal as her. You would not be able to find any of these things in Rhode Island. However, she had to move back to Rhode Island. She moved back because of a lot of personal dramatic incidents that have happened throughout her life and that are still happening. Clearly, there is a huge amount of diversity between the two areas and are alike in few ways, but she has experienced the lifestyle of both from a young age.


   The theme I thought that best represents this book is experience. I chose the theme experience for various reasons. Kit experiences loss with loved ones. She is one of three who are triplets. Her mom died. "Who knew that would result, nine months later, in twenty-year-old Maggie's last breath as three babies came into the world" (Blundell 15)? Kit also experienced life with breaking up with her boyfriend Billy. He got drafted for the war in Korea, but Nate (his michieveous dad) was still keeping in touch with her so he could get updates about Billy. Another experience she faced was Broadway shows. She has danced all her life and had gotten exposed to many different types of people, but she had never had been able to dance at that level until she made it to New York. Furthermore, she experienced many events from the time she was a new born and to now (a seventeen year old).

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