Dagestan: A Bad Place to Live

Yarlykapov, Akhmet. DAGESTAN: STABLE INSTABILITY (n.d.): n. pag. Saferworld.org.        Web. 5 May 2015. <http://www.saferworld.org.uk/downloads/PPP%20-%20North%20Caucasus%20-%20Dagestan%20EN.pdf>.

Throughout this article, the author helps explain to us many of the problems that are occuring or have occurred in Dagestan. Overall, we can conclude that the main source of all this violence is due to ethnicity. Nationalism is taking over the ideas of the people in this country and those surrounding it, causing violence and wars.

                        War of Dagestan

1.) Who are the main opponents? The main opponents in this war is the Chechnya - based Islamic international brigade (IIB) led by warlords to support the Dagestan separatist rebels.

2.) Any other countries involved or concerned? Yes the other two countries involved in this conflict is Chechnya and Russia. Chechnya is involved because they invaded Dagestan aligning with the rebels attempting to overthrow the Russians. Russia was involved in this issue in order to prevent these two countries from becoming powerful rebels that could take over and follow through with their ultimate plan.

3.) How is this conflict being conducted? This conflict is being conducted by use of mines and ground warfare for the rebels of Dagestan and Chechnya. They also deployed a T-90 tank at one point. The Russians resist the takeover of the rebels by placing troops throughout Dagestan and conducting air strikes when necessary.

4.) What was the cause of the conflict? The cause of this conflict was that in 1997, Chechnya was falling into chaos and economic collapse. Extremist would constantly undermine the government and created their own group who's goal was to create a union of the two countries (Chechnya and Dagestan) under Islamic rule and create the disappearance of Russians from the entire Caucasian regions. Attacks are targeting soldiers from the Russian army, Dagestan police force, and even the innocent civilians.

5.) What events are being taken to solve the problem non-violently? Effectiveness? The only effort I can find to solve the issue non-violently is when Khattab formed and commanded the "peacemaking unit of Majlis (parliament) of Ichkeria and Dagestan". The group attempted to create peace, but sadly failed as a series of attacks took place soon after the group came to be.

As we can see, Russia, Dagestan, and Chechnya are all neighboring countries which makes easy access from one to the other.

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