World Religions :Judaism,by jade bowling

1330 bc

  The most famous Islamic site in Jerusalem .It is the Dome of the rock and it can be seen  from all over Jerusalem.


Judaism: judsism is the old religion . they believe in many gods. they pray to the staue of gods.there is only one invisable god.the belief in one god is monotheism.finally abraham

left chaldea and had traveld to haran and then settled at canaan.the faherl let the herbres

go.the meses told them to leave quickly before the farhel changed his mine.god parted the

sea.the waves came crashing down and they drowned.mese led his people through the wilderness to mount sinal.the hebres took them to canaan. known as the exodus is the event.

the messiah the noted one.they believe in one god.

They believe in one god.

  In the Jewish religion worship services take place at the synagogue,a building for a prayer and the study of god,which replaces the ancient Temple.

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