Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

This past week I was involved in a discussion regards authoritarian and non-authortarian states when it comes to technology.  I was reading an article called the net advantage by Clay Shirky.  Shirky believed that the internet remains a positive force for democracy (Shirky, 2009).  In regards to this statement I am on the fence, and that has to do with my travels to Eastern Europe.  Certain countries I visited it is evident there still is, no 'democratic' state among the government and its citizens.  I have heard people express their views on the government, but there is no way they would take to social media, for fear of being a target or putting family members in danger.  So yes we may feel we are in a democratic state, the government still has the ability to dictate what is being broadcasted.  Is it really a net advantage? I am still sitting on the fence.     

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