Email Etiquette

By: Mickayla Sheets

1. Try to avoid using all caps.

-The readers might take the all caps the wrong way, like yelling.

2. Try to be as brief as possible.

-People might only want to hear the important part and don’t care about the rest.

3. Use appropriate language.

-If you use bad language then it could look unprofessional and cause people to not care as much or could cause your job.

4. Answer any questions they are and stay on topic.

-They might only want to hear answers and nothing else.

5. It’s important to ask permission before sending something.

-If you send a picture and the person doesn’t really care for it than their not going to care and you will feel weird for sending it.

6. Be cautious with formatting

-Remember that when you use formatting in your emails, the sender might not be able to view formatting, or might see different fonts than you had intended. When using colors, use a color that is easy to read on the background.

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