Exploring the New World

Learning what it takes to explore a new area

Your majesty, I am here to ask you if you, King Henry the 8th, can fund an exploration of the new world. I, also from England, will find the resources that we and the rest of England need, I would hopefully find and bring back gold and tobacco because they both are very valuable items and are perfect for trade. I will be looking for myself, gold, tobacco, and other valuable resources also because, well.... it's valuable and good for trade. I’m going to go to the eastern side of the new world because it is closest to England and maybe with many other people with me, we could claim that land so England could be bigger. Some explorers from Spain are also going to the New World and are also looking for claimable land. f it gets this severe, I would fight for it. I would much rather prefer just exploring with no distractions. Since explorers from Spain are going to the same place, I might run into some conflict.I am afraid that there will be sea monsters or I get my calculations wrong, go to the wrong place, and fall off of the world. I will try to calculate right and if I see a sea monster, I will try going around it or turn around. I really hope that you consider funding my exploration for all of the good things that will return.                                                

                                                                                 From, Nikola Stefanovski


This is the destination of my trip.

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