Impressive Buildings

Thrusting out into the sky; long, hard and imposing, some people think that the most impressive buildings are either the biggest or the highest. No doubt, the Burj Khalifa is an impressive building – at 828 metres high it is the tallest building in the world by over 200 metres – but there are some other stunning buildings that are based more on subtlety, complexity and beauty rather than size and imposition. Here are some, but which is most beautiful depends on personal taste. Because I haven’t travelled that much, this list is pretty small and relative to what I’ve seen

The Alhambra in Granada is one of many UNESCO heritage sight for its location, design and beauty. Squatting on the spine of thin hill, with plains stretching out before it and the Sierra Nevada overshadowing it, the Alhambra means the fortress in Arabic, and was the last Moorish building to fall to the Christian forces coming from the north in 1442. Arabic art lacks physical depictions - though the Moors in Spain were slightly more lenient with this rule - so the walls are covered with intricate patterns that used mathematic formulae that were only discovered in the west in the 20th century.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is another stunning building. Like a meringue cake, or something out of a fairy tale, the cathedral looks as though it was constructed straight out of the dreams of the architect. Legend has it that the architect was blinded so that he could not construct another masterpiece such as this.

These are just two very limited descriptions of some buildings that are not representative at all of the variety of beautiful buildings that are spread across the world, from the buildings of the Longwell Company in Washington, to the Golden Temple in India.

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