Jordan McCue Hr. 7

Although the Industrial Revolution made things easier and made the process of making necessities quicker, it was a precarious time. Life during the Industrial Revolution was hard and deadly for americans, but also the environment. For an average american life was hard, many died because they couldn’t afford the necessities to live. Money was inadequate, and communicable diseases were very common. Also, working conditions were atrocious, child labor was very typical, and death wasn’t uncommon. Children were used to do some of the most dangerous jobs. “Children were often employed to move between these dangerous machines as they were small enough to fit between tightly packed machinery. This led to them being placed in a great deal of danger and mortality (death rates) were quite high in factories.”( Imagine crawling through a crammed space with an ominous machine working at full speed above, a machine that could kill you in a matter of seconds! From an excerpt by Stephen Crane, he states, “It only has to tighten slightly, and he is crushed like a bug. His loudest shriek of agony would be as impotent as his final moan to bring help from that fair land that lies, like heaven, over his head.” Stephen talks about death like it is a thing that happened everyday all the time. Which back then it did, so many people died because of the Industrial Revolution. They died because they had to be able to live during this time, and the only way to live was to work in the most dangerous places. All in all the Industrial Revolution was a very precarious time for everyone in America.

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