Otzie The Iceman

Otzie was a early ancestor of humans.

He was found by a couple of hikers in the alps who wanted to stray from their path a little. when they found him they thought it was a tourist who was buried in an avalanche.

when rescue came they soon discovered that this was no modern human it was a 3,200 year old person

Here he is when the Hikers found him

Now you would be wondering how he got there? well i am going to tell you. he was hunting or doing something in the mountains and when he came down from the mountains to his village he found something he did not expect. his village was under siege by hostile people. Otzie quickly went into retreat. But he was being pursued by the enemy. some days later while still being pursued he decided to sit down and cook some food. as he finished eating he went out of his cave shelter only to be met by an unfriendly arrow.

after the arrow hit Otzie the attacker took a rock or a blunt weapon of some sort and bashed Otzies skull in.

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