Rafe c. #Whataboutme#Kettner32

When I was five I fell of my bike and it was really scary. But my mom kissed the booboo so then I was okay. But later that day i fell off my bike again. It was a depressing day.

One day I was eavesdropping on my parent’s conversation. When i heard about a present I was getting for Christmas. It was a rip stick the coolest hippest thing in town. I've been waiting one since the first day of school when i first saw it. When Christmas day came I could hardly contain my excitement. That was a great Christmas.

Ten years from now I will be a successful lawyer. Single and having the time of my life. I will also be a pro skier and make big $. I will also have the money and extra time to hunt. That will be the day.

When I’m I his car I think about a lot of things. One of those many things that I think about I the car are fries. I think about when you walk into McDonalds and you're waiting in line for your delicious fries. You can smell the aroma in the air. But that moment when you bite into the fries with the barbecue sauce all over it. Now that is a great moment.

My greatest talent that i have is hard to choose since I have so many. But the one i chose is snow skiing because it’s also my favorite. It is my greatest talent because i have been skiing since I was three. Just this weekend I recorded my top speed on the app ski tracks. My top speed was 67.7 mph, now that’s fast.

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