Matthew Scott of Milton, MA - Deeply Committed to His Creativity

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is deeply committed to his work as a professional artist. There is nothing that gives him more satisfaction than seeing the connection his art can have with people time after time. Not unlike most artists, he does not just create in a single capacity, but several art forms in order to be successful and to fully express himself creatively.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA is a professional musician, photographer, and painter who has experienced a great deal of success in all three forms of art. Not only does he enjoy working in those forms of art specifically, but he also has an interest in restoring old automobiles. He is fascinated with all things considered antiques and loves to undertake lengthy restoration projects on just about anything, especially old cars.

Matthew has made quite a name for himself as an artist in the New England area. He is often on tour with his band throughout the North East, and he always takes his camera with him in order to capture special moments. He has been taking photographs and playing the guitar ever since he was a young child and has been honing his craft at both ever since. He rarely goes a day without picking up his guitar to practice or snapping some pictures as he goes throughout his daily life. Many of his photos have to do with music and the various musicians he meets while traveling around, which have been published by some music based magazines.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA has achieved a great a deal of success throughout his life due to his artistic abilities. He is a multi-talented artist with the uncanny ability to reach people through a number of different artistic capacities. He is most passionate about music, photography, and painting. As a professional musician, he finds it genuinely important to express himself through his guitar and songwriting ability. His band has picked up a great deal of traction in the New England area, and a great deal of their success is due to his expertise on the guitar.

As a young student, Matthew Scott of Milton, MA began taking guitar lessons in junior high school and eventually went on to pursue an undergraduate degree at the prestigious institution known as the Berklee College of Music. In school, he was able to hone his abilities and use his skill to become a successful professional later on in his life. He learned a great deal from his undergraduate education, and it has no doubt paved the way for his currently professional success.

Professional Treasure Hunting - An Introduction to Antiquing

Entering into an antique shop for the first time can be both exhilarating and incredibly overwhelming at the same time. For many, antiquing is a hobby. For others, it’s a full-time job and lifelong passion. An antique item is, by definition, an object that is representative of a specific era in human society, a snapshot of the past that may have served a fairly “normal” purpose during its time. However, through the passing of time, typically 100 years or more, these items have reached an elevated status of “antique” and can be highly sought after by collectors.

First and foremost, antiquing is supposed to be fun. The process of the search itself is akin to present day treasure hunting, sifting through room after room full of history, memories and stories of the items’ previous owners. Though the fact that building a collection can take a great deal of time, this does not mean that those in search of antiques are constantly buying items. You may have to go to ten stores to find an item that speaks to your particular collection, though the journey there was also a valid and enjoyable part of the process.

Many collectors begin gathering together collectibles rather than antiques. Collectibles tend to be less expensive, younger than 100 years old and typically easier to build a solid collection with. Collectibles will most often begin with an emotional attachment on the collector’s part and these items are usually easier to find.

Matthew Scott of Milton, MA, a popular musician and artist in the Greater Boston area, is an avid collector of antiques, a true believer in the process of the treasure hunt.

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