E-Mail Etiquette

Caleb Pickering, E-Mail Etiquette, 10/1/2013

Tip 1: Always put your name on an email because when you don't your teacher will not know who you are.

Tip 2: Do not use all caps, it is considered to be rude and the person you are chatting to may think you are yelling at them.

Tip 3: Check for errors in your text because when you don't you might make a mistake and your teacher will throw away all of your hard work.

Tip 4: Think a about what you send before you send it because if you don't you might make someone else feel bad or make yourself feel bad.

Tip 5: Use smily faces, winks or other graphics in your text but only when they are appropriate because if not the other people you are talking to may take you to seriously and that every thing you say is not a joke when you want it to be.

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