Twin Swimmers

Madison and Paige are 13-year-old twins

These granddaughters are developing their own styles and strengths in the competitive swimming pool. I follow them to many of their meets and try to capture moments of competition and fun. Here are two photos that have been adjusted in iPhoto as experiments. I edited the photos into black and white mainly because of the wide variations in colors; I had trouble balancing the cool colors of the water and the warmth I wanted in their skin tones. The bright light entering the pool area from behind through glass doors and windows and the reflections of the scoreboard above were quite distracting.

In this meet, they were swimming against others in an open event, meaning that the swimmers' ages could range from 13 and up (there were several high school swimmers competing).

My camera is an entry-level Canon Rebel T3. For these shots, I used a 70-300 f4-5.6 zoom lens. Because of less than adequate lighting, I had to bump up the ISO to 3200 to get a shutter speed of 125 for proper exposure. I tried to catch them in focus with an f8 aperture setting (for a little broader depth of field). My "kit" lenses make it somewhat difficult to get crisp focus in lower light environments.

In the top photo, Madison is competing in the breast stroke and is about to approach the wall and make a turn toward the finish. Paige is doing the back stroke in the bottom photo.

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