Percent Application

Your Task:

1)  You are going shopping!!!  Decide which store you will be shopping at!

2)  You are in luck, the store is having a 23% off your total purchase sale!!  You need to pick out 5-10 items that you are going to purchase from this store. Then find the total amount of your purchase.

3)  You received an email with a coupon for an additional 10% off, again this is off your total purchase.  What will the price be after you apply the additional discount?

4)  DON'T forget to pay Uncle Sam....your tax rate is 7.8%  What is the Total with tax?

5)  Once you got to the counter you realized that you spent too much money......the store offers a credit card with 2% interest for 6 months.  How much will you end up paying total if you decide to take advantage of the credit card?

6)  What are you going to do?  Put something back or use the credit card......and why?

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