Lord of the Flies: Blog 1

During the last couple of weeks I have been reading and studying the novel Lord of the Flies written by William Goulding and doing so I have noticed the following cultural assumption, 'to be a man you had to be fit and strong so you could fight for your country'. The best example of the this assumption is the character Piggy who gets picked on because he is not fit and strong. The characters show this assumption for example, Ralph's treatment of Piggy. A quote from the text to show this is, the fat boy stood by him breathing hard, "my auntie told me not to run," he explained, "on account of my asthma".

The character Piggy is a small, fat boy with asthma and spectacles he is not the build of what men were 'supposed' to be during the time this novel was written.

In society today if you have asthma you are treated no different, compared to back during the time this book was written, people made assumptions on the person when they can't help what they have. Also today asthmatics are given more medical treatment and people are wary of it . The stereotypical male of tough, muscly and manly is not the same now as what it was during World War II, it has changed dramatically, now days men can be whoever they want and still be accepted in society, looks aren't everything anymore a polite and respectful personality is what is looked for. Yes, people do still get picked on for being 'different' but the idea of someone being different has evolved over the last 50 years.

William Goulding reinforces the cultural assumption because his main characters fit the stereotype, that all men should be strong and fit to be accepted.

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2 years ago

The cultural assumption that is being discussed within your blog post is the assumption that all men are expected to be fit and strong, you outlined and described this clearly through the use of characterisation. The character piggy helped to demonstrate what men weren't suppose to be built like during that time. This results in him being picked on for not fitting in with societies standards. You have linked the cultural assumption to the context of when the novel was written (World War II). This helped me to understand the era of men being expected to be fit and strong to defend their country. I feel like you should include more of the author's view on the cultural assumption, whether they agree, disagree etc. This would help me to understand what the message that the author is trying to portray through the use of Piggy. Some similarities that I can see within both our novels is the pressure that society puts on people to fit in and conform. Good Job Charlotte !😃