Tang Dynasty

Influence on Japan and Korea

The Tang Dynasty has made an influence on both Japan and Korea. The Tang Dynasty has given them both Buddhism, their own writing system, Confucianism's "5 relationships" and they have been respecting nature.

The Silk Road helped the Tang Dynasty extend westward following the road to the Muslim and the byzantine empire. The silk road was created back in the Han Dynasty( 206- 220 A.D)  to get silk from china to other parts of the world. Now they use the silk road to transport porcelain to the other parts of the world too. This road extended for approx. 4,000 miles. The Silk Road extended from Europe through Egypt,Somalia, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Java-Indonesia, and Vietnam until it reaches China.

They contributed things we use today in our society today. Some of the things that we use today is things like gunpowder to use for our guns and our entertainment with things like fireworks for holidays. They also made the compass so when they go out in the oceans they know which way they are heading. They made the mechanical clock so they can tell what time it is. They also made porcelain for dishes and toilets, and if you had porcelain it was a sign of wealth. They also made block printing to make it easier for them to write to each other.

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