Hugo Chavez
by PJ Garron

1) Profile of your leader

Hugo Chavez lived from July 28th 1954 to March 5th 2013. He was the president of Venezuela from 1999 to 2013 due to his death in 2013. Once he took office in 1999 he changed Bolivian Republic's name into what we now know it as Venezuela. Later on he contributed effort into gaining control over state-run oil companies which led to straining relations with other countries such as the U.S and the public's respect which in the end caused protests. The action of gaining over oil companies was to sell oil Cuba and actually refused to attempt in stopping narcotic trafficking in Columbia. In his presidency only really helped in 2006 which he created the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, a socialist free trade organization. Chavez ended up dying from cancer in 2013.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

Chavez is trying to make it look like he is a good guy and not a dictator by taking a picture with Obama the president. Knowing that the U.S and Venezuela relation has been strained due to Chavez taking control over state run oil companies so Obama appears as uncomfortable and disgusted.

3) Creative Piece

Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Hugo Chavez is a jerk, but I don't know  about you

4) Essential Question

How did the people, the Venezuelan government, and other countries allow Hugo Chavez to extend his control over Venezuela for over 2 terms?