Organization of children, for children

Who are they?

United Gurises is a Civil Society Organization working for the rights of children and adolescents.

What problem are they worried about?

They do not work on a specific problem but rather work many applied problems in children for example the child poverty, or when a child suffers bullyng, or when suffering from racism, etc.

Who do they do

  • Defending the rights of children and adolescents, established by UN.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of life of children and adolescents in vulnerable social.
  • Coordinate with softness proposals public and private sector for the development of children and adolescents and their active social participation.
  • How long have they done it?

    They are still in force since 1989, when it arises Gurises States has managed diverse projects aimed at develop educational proposals with children and young people whose rights have been been violated.

    what are the most important things they have done?

    In relation to the different levels of entrepreneurship that we do we can say:

    • Identification and diagnosis of the realities of street children and adolescents.
    • A theoretical reference framework has been constructed through the application of hands-on experience.
    • From our various experiences we have contributed to the formulation of social policies.
    • Through the use of networks have achieved becoming more involve volunteers.
    • A wide range of institutions have changed their mode of learning and opening their doors to ever more children and teenagers in the street.
    • Most importantly, several thousand children / girls and their families have made their place in society.

    Where do they get money from?

    The organization has a variety of sources of support. A national cooperative level, are made agreements with State agencies: Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), National Public Education Administration (ANEP), Ministry of Public Health (MPH), etc ... . Further, we have various agreements with different institutions and community organizations, both public and private, in all the regions in which we operate. We also count on group and individual donations.

    What can people do to help them achieve their aim?

    The Human Resources and Communication area of Gurises Unidos is in charge of the management and strengthening of resources the institution get, whether they are monetary or through material donations.
    - Participating in the Collaborative Friends Network through an individual monthly amount.
    - Participating in the Caring Companies Network, through support to specific Social Projects or joining the corporate volunteering of your company.

    - Participating in the Gurises Unidos Support Committee.

    - Taking part in the Caring Networks abroad.

    - Making material donations.

    - Participating in the Gurises Unidos Collaborative Members Group.

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