Egypt Dining Rules!

By: Joy Yoor North 4/23/14

                               This is a Map of Egypt and you can see the capital Cairo.    

An Egyptian Map
Egyptians Dining
A Cairo Family Dinner

In Egypt you can't have pork, alcohol, and you cannot at anytime eat with your left hand don't even touch a utensil with it it should be at your side at all times.

If your glass is less than half full NEVER refill your own glass always let the host pour your drink in Egypt.

Men and women dine separately usually the children go with the women. I found this surprising because in the US depending on where you go usually the children get put in a area where they can be without disturbing the parents while they eat like babysitting in a restaurant.

Guests say "Sahtain" which means the same as "bon appetit" , or "Bismilla" which means in the name of God before meal. When the meal is over, guests should say "Daimah" ("May there always be plenty at you table").

It is important to know the dining etiquette of other countires or places just in case of  differences in dining so you don't seem rude while eating with them and you can enjoy your stay there without worry.

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