Baby Sign Language

Sami Bass 3rd hour

background info

Baby sign language is a way of communication that a baby can use to tell others their feelings, wants, and needs. Baby's can use baby sign before they are able to verbally communicate.

How to teach baby sign

Begin signing around your baby while saying and showing the baby the words or objects that you are signing for. Along with that, show them videos and books that can help teach them the signs. Once baby begins trying to sign, praise her. She may not get the exact sign at first but it takes time.


1. It is never too early to begin teaching your baby how to sign. They may not respond or sign until they are older but they are still trying to understand the sign and what it means.

2. Don't get upset if your baby doesn't sign correctly or at all the first few times. It takes time for them to learn the information and learn how to move their hands and fingers to make the sign.

3. Just remember, by teaching your baby signs early it will benefit both of you in the long run.

benefits/why to use it

Baby sign benefits not only your baby but yourself and anyone else that wants to communicate with her.

The three basic benefits are:

Practical: less fussing and more fussing

Emotional: creates a closer parental bond

Cognitive: boosts brain development

what it does for babies

Baby sign has many different benefits for baby:

1. Baby sign makes babies happier and less frustrated

2. Enhances brain development

3. Higher IQ

4. Learn verbal vocabulary quicker

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