Diego Rodriguez

A singer born on June 12, 1977 a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, and Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song. Some songs are Vengo in 2014 and Mi verdad in 2014 her genres consist of Hip hop, Pop, Trip hop, Urban, R&B.In 1988, Tijoux met Consuelo Vergara, who taught Tijoux how to rap and sparked Tijoux's interest in hip-hop and dance.

As a young adult she supported the students.


  • In 1995, influenced by the local rap group Makul in Santiago, Chile, Tijoux formed her own group called "Los Gemelos" with Zaturno ( rap artist).
  • In 1997, Tijoux became widely popular for her participation in the group "Los Tetas" was one of their first studio album release.


Upbringing as a child of Chilean parents exiled by the repressive regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet that also affected her politics.

"In every way. First of all, look at any immigration, even if you’re not a child of refugees or a political immigrant. You don’t need to live in a dictatorship to be a political immigrant…. It’s like the movement of immigration and movement because of economic situation … that becomes political immigration … and that affects my view of the world by making me critical and reflective about the situation faced by others – very simply, your problem is my problem.

It wasn't until 1990, when democracy returned to Chile, that the family returned back to their home.

"I live in Chile, with all those student protests, and this parallel situation that is happening with Indignados (which means the outraged) in Spain, or the crisis in Greece, or Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Oakland. When I was making [the album] I was reading a lot of news and talking about the world with friends, and in the end that totally influenced my work."


The song Shock made in 2012


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