Your Treadmill High Intensity Interval Training Outline

When it comes to burning fat and maintaining muscle, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises are identified as the ideal choice. Due to the importance of HIIT, people started to lose their hope towards treadmills. Those that people enjoyed earlier to walk in a single place, suddenly turned out to be unimpressive for many people. However, it cannot be stated that treadmills are just a scrap. In fact, it has a good name as effective fat-tightening equipment. If you wish to upsurge the level of fat that you can burn from each workout session, you can apply your high-intensity values to your treadmill sessions. This will help you achieve your goal in very much less time. If you cannot invest hugely in a treadmill, you can just choose used gym equipment for sale from a good brand.

How are HIITs beneficial?

In general, short, HIIT training sessions are identified as ideal for the post-recovery state. When you work harder, you will experience a meager elevation in the metabolic and heart rate. This means that you are burning more calories even during the recovery period and also during your actual training sessions. But, how much benefits you can gain from an HIIT session as against a steady-state and traditional cardio session? There are studies that show that HIITs are capable enough to burn up to 9 times additional fat as compared to traditional cardiovascular exercises. In addition, HIIT sessions can keep your body metabolism at the heightened level even for 24 hours after your workout session. Meaning, you will continue to burn calories for even a day after your HIIT session.

How do HIITs bring benefits?

This type of workout helps with burning fat besides maintaining the muscles. This happens via a stop-start training system that can be transferred to nearly any exercise. This workout as the name suggests brings together calorie-torching, high-intensity, and periods of action along with low-intensity workout time. As mentioned earlier, you can try out HIIT treadmill workout to complete your sessions of weight training. This will result in six-pack abs within no time. Never worry about treadmill as you can get it from used gym equipment for sale.

The workout:

This exercise will take just 10 minutes of your time. You can begin with light jogging for the first three minutes. Then, then you can finish 10 minutes of time for the levels listed below. You can also walk for three minutes on completion to relax your body.

Ø Beginner – 1/3rd of a minute of work and double recovery time x 10 minutes exclusive of three-minute cool down or warm-up

Ø Intermediate – half a minute of work and the same level of recovery time x 10 minutes

Ø Advanced - 40 seconds of work half of the time for recovery x 10 minutes

Once you complete all three levels and look for an even better challenge, you can try to add a mild dispose for variation. Otherwise, you can try the same exercise on a stationary bike.