I.S.S project

The I.S.S orbits earth at an average of 220 miles. it travels around the earth every 90 min at a speed of 17.500 mph. The I.S.S has a clear view of 85% of the world from its windows.

The I.S.S has crew members from all around the world. some of these countries are United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and many many more.The. I.S.S has over 16 countries on board. The I.S.S was completed in 1998 november 20. since that date over 196 individuals have been on the I.S.S from eight different countries

On the I.S.S for free time the instruments they have are a guitar and a piano on the wall and lots of books. asutrants also have a mini basketball net on board they have a basket ball also and always play horse. on board the i.s.s they have a small library on board with about 500 books in a really big bag this is something astronauts do in their free time which is read

Food on the I.S.S comes from lots of places due to the countries on board. most of the food is russian canadian and french there are many more types of food but theses are the most on board. there are also germany food and also there is swedish food. they bring all of these food up so they don't get home sick.

taking out the trash is something not possible in space like where does it go. Well in space if you open a package you must eat it because if you don't the crumbs might go everywhere and when you do eat you must put your garbage in a special bag when garbage gets full they usually send the bag home with a pod every 4 to 5 months

The canadian arm is used for or was used for help build the I.SS and also help to build things that are launched in space. the canadian arm is meant for help building thing the I.S.S is masof and not only people can make it so the made a robot to help them and make it go by faster build the stuff

radarsat is used to take photos of the weather for earth which kinda explains why are weather is not always accurate its controlled by a machine. the radarsat is a satellite that goes around the word scanning chunk by chunk.

I Wonder in space if you can see the northern lights from the I.S.S and what do they look like. i wonder if the lights look like paint just floating in the sky or look like a bunch of crayons

exercising in space is sometimes difficult they have space weights and running machine and a couple other things. if you don't work out you will lose bone tissue and bone support in your body because of the Z-g on board the I.S.S you don't need to work ay of your bones and that's why exerting is so important.

Dexter is a machine that was lunched in space on march 11 2008  it is a mechiena that keeps the I.S.S good as new


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