Obama: US ready to take the lead in Ebola fight

A current event by Erica Fenton


       Ebola, a blood transmitted infection, has been transmitted through West Africa for years. The deadly infection has been a problem in the past, but recently statistics have shown a significant leap in the number of Ebola related deaths in West Africa. Due to this outbreak, the United States has sent supplies and workers to help prevent the infection. However, this help that the US is giving is not sufficient to the amount of people in need of treatment. Once a new care center opens, it fills up immediately with sick people. Obama says the Ebola virus is "the largest international response in the history of the CDC."As this virus is infecting people at an exponential rate, it is important that we stop it now. The US is doing a good job of helping inform the people of West Africa.


An important ideal related to this story is rights. People in West Africa have the right to be healthy, and by educating them about how to prevent Ebola, this is becoming more possible. Another prominent ideal here is opportunity. The diseased people now have the opportunity to get better, and healthy people can have the opportunity to not get sick at all.

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