Goa Adventure Sports

The best thing about the sports offered by the state of Goa is that, though a bit challenging, most of the adventurous sports here do not require any kind of heavy training. In addition, the factor that even age is not an issue makes it even better. Equipment, training and instructors are available. And to top it all, you can enjoy Adventure Sports in Goa at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere in the world. So here in this article, we have jotted down some of the best adventurous sports possible that will give you an amazing thrill while keeping you safe at the same time. Enjoy!

  • Jet Skiing


One of the most adventurous water sports in Goa is Jet Skiing. Many tourists take on this sport to set their adrenalin rushing. Jet skiing requires a jet powered water scooter that are accelerated by a powerful engine.

  • Parasailing


Parasailing is a much sought-after sport by many when Goa holidays are considered. People who love to soar high like a bird and have a bird's eye view of the coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing sport. Parasailing is also known by the name of Para Ascending, and is sure to set your pulses racing.

  • Scuba Diving


For those who seek adventure added with fun in Goa and want to do something different can try out scuba diving. The shallow shores of Goa are famous for their rich marine life. Though there are no gigantic coral reefs here, the scintillating underwater life is sure to fascinate you.

  • Water Skiing

For those who love to feel the ocean waves splashing across their face while rushing through water, the water skiing sport is just the perfect thing for you. In a place like Goa, you can experience a sense of adventure and thrill by trying out the water skiing sport.