Carrie Underwood

Country Singer

By: Kennedy Stroh

Carrie Underwood is my role model because she inspires me to try my best. Another reason is because she is a strong Christian. She is very caring and responsible because she loves to do charity work. She always has faith in herself and she has always inspired me.

Carrie Underwood has won 10 awards out of 23 nominations! She has been a big singer, known around the world, since 2005 when she won American Idol.

                 Jesus Take the Wheel hit #1 on the billboard country charts and the music video for Jesus Take the Wheel won 2 country muic televison awards.  

While she was on American Idol Simon said she will win and sell the most records in American Idol history.

Her album "Some Hearts" sold over 300,000 copies in the first week.

She was the first female to win country's music's entertainer of the year 2 years in a row!

She was in the movie Soul Surfer and played the role of Sarah Hill.


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