I can see the leaves turn to red, orange, brown, and yellow. I can see the kids jumping around in the beautiful leaves. Everyone is ready for the new school year. When I go to dance class I see more improvement in all of my friend's technique and their dancing skills and myself as well. I see that not just the leaves and weather are changing, but everything is changing in the new year and season.

I can hear the wind howling and the leaves scattering around. I can hearthe words "trick or treat" and "happy Thanksgiving." I can hear the beautiful music surrounding my ears. I can hear the birds and owls. When I am in my bed and hear all these beautiful sounds, I snuggle up to the blankets and fall asleep.

I can smell the pumpkin spice and hot chocolate. I can smell the breeze in the cold weather. I can smell all kinds of Thanksgiving food sand sweet treats like tukey and pumpkin pie.

My stomach is warm and full from the Thanksgiving feast. I feel calm, safe and relaxed all at once. You can feel the warm fire and snugly blankets against your skin. You can feel the "perfect weather" now you play in the leaves and enjoy your day.

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