Ways to use Tackk during GRA14

There are many ways to use Tackk as a creation, sharing or collaboration tool during #GRA14. Here are a few ways we've brainstormed:


Create GRA lessons based on your book choice

Outline your plan for the program

Assign student projects during GRA

Post a custom Tackk link with program ideas on Edmodo

Upload Vines or Instagram videos of students

Tackk about why you're participating in GRA

Post photo galleries and video of students

Ask questions + get answers in the comment Stream

Give feedback on student Tackks in the comment Stream

List your favorite GRA tools used in the past

Tackk about what you've learned from past GRAs

Recap the program and share on social networks


Tackk what they're looking forward to during GRA

Answer questions about chapters as they go

Foreshadow what they think will happen next

Document important parts of the plot

Outline character attributes from the book

Research online and post photos from the book

Have real-time conversations in the comment Stream

Interactive with other classrooms to discuss the book

Aggregate research done online

Upload music from the book

Show where the book takes place with maps

Link to websites and blogs discussing the book