#GRA14: Collaborate with Tackk Stream

We recently launched Tackk Stream, an easy and fun way to have a conversation. A Stream lives at the bottom of your Tackk and allows students and teachers to interact with each other by posting comments, photos, video and more.

Here are just a few ways that Stream can be used during GRA:

  • Student conversations about their selected GRA book.
  • Interactive discussions with students around the country or world.
  • Visual comments/submissions for prompts given by the teacher.
  • Teachers collaboration on ideas and thoughts.
  • Teacher sharing of GRA lessons and tools.
  • Quick feedback for student Tackks.

GRA Stream example

Students sharing thoughts on 'The Fault in Our Stars'

do you have questions about tackk stream, or ideas about how to use it for GRA?

Post in the Stream below.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

We want to hear from you!

3 years ago

my daughter loves this book

3 years ago

@jdikos Hi there! There are so many ways to use Tackk in the classroom. Find examples on our education page: https://tackk.com/education

Also, follow our education blog for tips, lesson ideas and more: https://tackk.com/@education

For GRA, check out this Tackk for templates to use during the program: https://tackk.com/gratemplates. You can create lessons for students during the program, ask students to create Tackks about the book, capture photos and video from the readings, share resources with other teachers, and more!

Email edu@tackk.com if you have any specific questions as you dive in.

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3 years ago

I am curious about the privacy of posters and making sure comments are appropriate

3 years ago

Comments will be private if the Tackk is private. You can also turn off comments altogether if you're not looking for collaboration. All privacy options can be found under 'Tackk options' in the editor.

In terms of appropriate comments, the Tackk creator has full admin over comments and can delete them if necessary.

Let us know if you have any other q's!