Grace Kelly: Up in Society

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-Grace's Career-- Sequence

-Grace's Competiton-- Compare and Contrast

-Grace's Fame-- Cause and Effect

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" A woman can do whatever a woman decides to do."

Along with winning an Oscar for Best Actress, and starring in eleven movies, she left a dent on Hollywood History with her extravagant beauty and her spot-on acting.

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My name is Olivia Williams, I am  a sixth grader at Holman Middle School in Henrico County, right on the outskirts of Richmond VA.

The purpose of this website is to inform and entertain people about Grace Kelly. I did this as an English project. I hope you enjoy this website as I have worked very hard on it. Thank You!

Grace Kelly's beautiful, exquisite palace, placed in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Grace in 7th grade, 1942, At Raven Hill Academy


Grace Patricia Kelly was born November 29th, 1929, in the great city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She went to Raven Hill Academy until 8th grade, and then went to a public high school, which was a big change for her. In 1942, Grace played the lead role in her school's play, "Don't Feed the Animals", a play made by East Falls Old Academy Players. Her confidence boosted when she was just a tween, her father, John B. Kelly, showed massive favoritism to her older sister, Peggy Kelly, this made her determined to impress her father. Her father was very surprised with Grace's success. As she was an Honor roll student and of course left an amazing mark on Hollywood History. She soon graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Moments after winning an Oscar for Best Actress, In February, 1955, for her movie "The Country Girl

Grace's Career--Sequence

  • After graduating from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts at age 19, She dove into her first movie "High Noon", In 1953, Another movie called "Mogambo" was released. Soon after she starred in "Dial M for Murder", with Alfred Hitchcock. She soon was in "Rear Window" and "How to Catch a Theif" and plenty more. After five years, and eleven movies, Grace left Hollywood to marry The Prince Of Monaco, Prince Rainer III.  
  • Lots of beauty and designer clothes and purses were inspired off of Grace Kelly, for example, Princess Grace Coral, made by Estee Lauder. Another example is the luxury handbag made by Hermes. The Hermes Kelly Bag sold for almost $8400 in stores  and online.

Grace's Competition--Compare and Contrast.

Grace Kelly was very successful, but she was often compared with other stars. Such as, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey did star in more movies then Grace. Audrey did it over the span of twenty years. As Grace completed eleven in only five years. She is also sometimes compared to Princess Diana, as she also died in a car crash.

Grace's Fame--Cause and Effect

Her life was like a tragic fairytale. She abandoned her Oscar winning career to become a princess. Then, she died tragically in the hairpin turns and jagged cliff sides of Monte Carlo. Some would say she paid a tragic price for fame. Many would pay the same price to live a year as she did. Photographers and Personal Stylists always running around her. Her normal life was gone. This is the life of stardom.

Fun Facts

-Grace was the first actress to appear on a mail stamp in 1993

-Following her wedding, any screenings of Grace Kelly movies were banned, and if you were caught with one of her movies, you could pay a fine up tp $800!

-Before marrying Prince Rainer, Grace's family had to give the prince 2 million dollars before they could have the wedding of the century.

- Besides the glam and the glitz, Grace Kelly wanted to return to her own life and suffered from depression.

-Grace's parents did not want Grace to be an actor, it has been reported that her father John B. Kelly, said " Acting was a slim cut above a street walker"

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