Wonder Project by: Grace Katherine James
Character in the Spotlight:

Character's Tie to the Theme!

I think the over all lesson or theme Via learned was about kindness. She learned this through August. I think she thought every one in this world would not except August for his inner garments because of his face.  In the first part of the book Via was very over protective about August. For example,in the text it said whenever the Pullman family went somewhere and Via saw someone staring at August's face, she would scream and yell at them to stop. She and her parents thought he would be a lamb to the slaughter when he started school. In the text on August's first day of school Summer sat down at a table with August just to be nice. They had a great time together that day. In the next few weeks they became good friends and stayed that way throughout the book.  Another example is when Jack came over to the Pullman house and he saw that things were awkward when Via introduced Justin and August for the first time. Jack cracked jokes about Justin to lighten the mood and make August laugh. Via saw that Jack was trying to help August. By the end of the book August had lots of friends and had over come most of his problems at school. So she learned that there are plenty of nice people in this world and yes, most people will probably not accept August for his face but, some will.

Character Influences!

The character that Via had the biggest impact or influences on was August. I think she had the most impact on August because she was his big sister. Every little sibling looks up to their big sibling ( if they have one). He looked up to his big sister more than any other person I have met in a book or in real life. She was the one who helped him grow up and go to school. This is important because this is what made the story have action.  The story revolves around August going to school. One example from the text where it showed how much August admired Via was an episode in the car. His parents asked him if he wanted to go to school but they assumed he would say no. Instead of saying no, he said that he wanted to go to school and be just like Via. When Via got home from the first day of school, she was interested in his day and wanted to know every detail.

The person who had the biggest impact on Via was Justin. He impacted her the most because he let her know she was not alone. He let her know that he was there for her and ready to help her. This helped her keep her emotions in balance so she would not say something she would regret. This also helped the Pullman  family stay and come together as one.  In the story, Justin went to a restaurant alone to meet Via's parents at dinner after he had already met August and seen his face.  He still wanted to be with Via and wanted to make a good impression on her parents.  At dinner Justin was nervous and had bad ticks but he managed to make August feel normal. This made Via happy because she knew that he really liked her and he was nice to her brother. This was very important to her because she had friends in the past who never came back to her house after they met August.

Art Representation!!!!!!!

This panting is called Whistle Jacket by an unknown artist. I chose this panting to represent Via. I think this represents Via because the horse looks strong, beautiful, tall, and mature. If you look closely it is also standing with pride. Also notice that the horse is independent and standing alone. That's what I think Via did throughout the story Wonder. She handled everything by herself and she grew into a strong, tall, mature, and beautiful young lady. She was not only beautiful on the outside, she was beautiful on the inside. She had inner garments of kindness, caring, and consideration. You can be the prettiest person on the outside but have the ugliest inner garments. Your inner garments are way more important than your outside appearance. The horse looks beautiful on the outside but we really can't tell what it is like on the inside from this picture. If you look into the horses eyes, it sort of looks like it is looking directly at you. In the section, Justin, he said that when he first met Via he noticed that whenever she looked at him, she looked him directly in the eye and he felt like she was daring him. That is why I think this horse represents Via.

Character Analysis!!

I chose Via because I connected with her more than anyone else. I experienced a text to self with her. My connection was with her biggest everyday battle. Her biggest everyday battle is how her parents did not give her any attention until the end of the book. I sometimes feel this way in my house because I have a sibling but, it's not as bad. When Via was growing up, she had to be responsible for everything. She packed her own lunch. She got no help with homework. She was responsible for everything she needed for school. This is what caused her to be so mature. The tone I think Via brought to the story is a mature, helpful, and mysterious tone. I think she brought a mature tone to the story because she did a lot of adult tasks on her own and she thinks very maturely. For example, her description of her family as a solar system is very deep. She helped and impacted August and some of the other characters' lives. She brings a very mysterious tone to the story because we don't really hear a lot of her point of view. We only hear from her in the beginning of the story before much has happened. I think the author's purpose for Via was to help other characters and change lives. She changed Miranda's life because she forgave Miranda without making her apologize. Via treated her like a member of the family. This was a big deal for Miranda. The impact Via had on me was that I  think my parents take my little sister's side much more than mine or not give her the same punishment just because she is the youngest. While reading this story, it made me realize that I have a caring family that loves me so I should not complain about my sister as often as I do. I should remember Via's story and what she had to go through with her brother and parents when I feel like complaining. This is one of the lessons the author wants the reader to get from the book Wonder.