Graeme Queen - Technology Industry Executive in Portland

As a senior director, Graeme Queen oversees the IT solution delivery team at Standard Insurance Company (SIC), located in Portland, Oregon. In this position, he leads the development of technology products and applications related to the firm’s employee benefits, individual disability, and asset management divisions. Graeme Queen additionally supervises SIC’s offshore operations, which he helped establish. An industry authority, he has addressed audiences at events such as the Open Group Enterprise Architecture summit and the Avaya Evolutions conference.

Away from his professional responsibilities, Graeme Queen maintains an active running schedule and has competed in multiple races. This year, he aims to complete a marathon in under three hours and 15 minutes and qualify for the legendary Boston race. He also likes to read books on physics-related topics, such as the Infinity Puzzle by Frank Close and The Strangest Man by Graham Farmelo. An active member of the community, his charitable interests include the Oregon Health and Sciences University, the Sisters of St. Mary Organization Foundation, and the University of Strathclyde Alumni Fund.

SSMO’s Bethany Center Offers Locals Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Graeme Queen works with key business stakeholders and oversees employees and individual contributors as the senior director of IT solution delivery for an insurance company in Portland, Oregon. Dedicated to supporting his community, Graeme Queen donates to several local organizations, including the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) Foundation.

Established in 1998, the SSMO Foundation seeks to raise financial and community support for the various services offered by the SSMO. Through the Foundation’s support, the SSMO has been able to create and maintain Bethany Center. Offering a range of lectures and programs, Bethany Center is committed to providing men and women in the Portland area with plenty of opportunities to learn throughout life. The SSMO Foundation also hosts free talks to further increase awareness of the work done at Bethany Center.

The SSMO started Bethany Center in 1990 with the goal of providing adult religious education, seminars, and spiritual retreats. Led by qualified individuals, seminars address a wide variety of topics, including grief and dying, servant leadership, and comparative religions.