Graeme White of Canbet on the Rules of Australian Football

Graeme White of Canbet is a sports fan who enjoys a variety of professional sports played throughout the world, however he especially takes a keen interest in those that are most celebrated in his home of Melbourne, Australia. In that part of the world, Aussie rules football is among the most popular sports, right up there with rugby and cricket. It is also his home country’s national sport, hence the name. Aussie rules football has often been compared to the likes of soccer, rugby and American football, however with slight differences.

Below, Graeme White of Canbet explains some of these differences and touches base on what makes this sport so special to him.

In Aussie rules football, the ball is only allowed to be carried if that player is running it down the field. Otherwise, throwing and holding onto the ball in a stationary manner is illegal and subject to a penalty. Players running with the ball must touch it against the ground or bounce it intermittently to avoid getting penalized. They are free to kick or handball as much as they’d like, and can also use other parts of the body to keep the ball moving.

Aussie rules football is a full-contact sport, where players are encouraged to tackle each other in order to gain control of the ball. There are limitations however, and blocking in the back and other such dangerous maneuvers can be met with a penalty free kick for the other team. Points are scored whenever the ball is pushed through an opposing team’s goal posts.

Graeme White of Canbet - Casino Games with the Best Odds

Graeme White Canbet is a trusted gaming professional whose consulting services have held much influence over casinos and their hotels all across the United States, Caribbean Asia and Australia. He has over 35 years of experience in the industry, and knows the gaming business inside out. Below, he shares some basic information about the games that yield the best odds for players in the casino; and how players have better chances at those tables than anywhere else.


Blackjack has one of the best odds in gambling, especially if the player knows how to count cards. Counting cards is a skill that takes a lot of mathematical skills as well as quick adding and judgment abilities. While card counting is not necessarily illegal, it is something that can get you removed from the casino or simply barred from playing, as incredible card counting skills will put you at an unfair advantage against the house.


In poker, and especially the forms of poker in which you don’t play against the house, are the best way to exercise the most control over your odds. Poker is a game of posture, deduction and psychology. In order to be a good poker player, you must be very insightful into the behavioral patterns of different types of humans and able to make judgments on the spot that determine whether you should play a hand or not. Also knowing how to deduct the possibilities of what cards your opponent might have and maintaining your own composure while doing so are also great strategies that will raise your odds solely by your ability to perform.