Graham R Taylor

Principle Strategic Advisor

About Graham R Taylor

Graham R. Taylor serves as the principle strategic advisor for Marquis Advisory Group, a San Francisco, California-based international business-consulting firm. Internationally renowned in his field, he specializes in cross-border startup consulting and has helped numerous financial institutions, technology businesses, venture capital firms, high-net-worth individuals, global corporations, and private equity funds achieve success. Since having joined Marquis in 2008, Graham R. Taylor has developed international tax structures, investment efficiency strategies, tax neutral results, and flexibility of domicile, among other strategies that ensure his clients’ wealth preservation.

Prior to joining Marquis, Graham R. Taylor practiced law for more than 30 years in the United States and Australia. He began his career in 1973 as an accountant and in 1975 became an associate attorney for a Sydney-based law firm. After relocating to New York in 1978, he practiced as an associate before moving in 1981 to San Francisco, where he eventually became a partner at a law firm there. Over the course of the following decade, Mr. Taylor functioned as a partner for several other major San Francisco firms.

In a philanthropic capacity, Graham R. Taylor has lent his expertise in strategic investing to develop international charities that implement venture capital tactics to promote their initiatives, which include new fuels and ecological issues. In his free time, he maintains active outdoor pursuits, such as skiing, surfing, and golfing. He also enjoys playing squash and has a keen interest in ancient history.

Graham R. Taylor graduated from Yale University School of Law in 1979. He also holds degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of New South Wales, both of which he earned in 1975.

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