Grand Estates Auction Company Sells Luxury Properties in North America

Over the years, Grand Estates Auction Company has secured its position as the leading authority in luxury real estate through its proprietary and contemporary methods of securing a closed sale. Established in 1999, the company is committed to helping sellers of some of the most luxurious properties in North America and the Caribbean to quickly connect with interested buyers. Grand Estates Auction Company has a proven track record of successfully selling luxury real estate through mutually agreeable transactions.

The company has sold a wide range of luxury properties since first opening, including a property in Bay Harbor, Michigan, which sold for $11 million, the second highest resale price ever within the state and the biggest sale for the company. Hundreds of other properties have sold in a variety of other states, including Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and Florida. One of Grand Estates’ more recent properties is a four bedroom and three-and-a-half bath ranch in Olde Naples, Florida. The property, which was listed at an absolute auction, offered an oversized lot with a large backyard and a professional kitchen.

Real Estate Auction Tips for Bidding

A prominent real estate auction company with properties throughout the United States, Grand Estates Auction Company has helped homebuyers discover some of the most exclusive property offerings in the country. At auctions such as the ones held by Grand Estates Auction Company, buyers almost always benefit from learning about the basics of a real estate auction before they arrive.

Before arriving at an auction, prospective buyers should determine an ideal bid by analyzing factors such as estimated value of a property, any outstanding liens against the property, and how much is owed on the property. Although only a handful of states require bidders to supply the full cash amount at the auction, buyers should be sure that their bid falls within their financial means. Once buyers have a bid in mind, they can use that number as an anchor at the actual auction. Buyers should stay true to their initial bids and avoid letting other buyers influence their decisions too much.