Grandview Clydesdales Breeds Award-Winning Horses

For the last 30+ years, Grandview Clydesdales has been breeding, buying, selling and showing horses of award-winning quality. Husband and wife Shannon and Karen Cobbs own and operate Grandview Clydesdales, and under their management, it has grown from a single-gelding operation to a business that has cared for and raised hundreds of horses. With approximately 20 new foals raised each year, the farm is now and has been among the largest Clydesdale breeding organizations in North America.

In addition to raising horses on its own farm and participating in competitive competitions in the United States and Canada, Grandview Clydesdales also offers outside breeding services. The program consists of three Clydesdale stallions from which semen is collected and shipped to other breeders.

Horses raised by Grandview Clydesdales and bred from the company’s pedigree have a history of success in the showering. At the North American Six Horse Hitch Classic Series in 2004, the company’s horses claimed the top prize in a competition open to all breeds. Other North American shows at which the company’s horses have won titles include the Eastern Regional, Mid-American, and National Clydesdale shows, and internationally, the World Clydesdale Show in 1999, 2007 and 2011.

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