Reinforcer Schedule
Grant and Chase

Fixed Ratio:For every five times a child cleans his or her room they get to choose the movie on friday night. The reinforcer was choosing the movie.

Variable Interval:You check your email at random times throughout the day instead of every time you get a new email. The reinforcer is a new email.

Variable Interval:You wait for your pizza to be delivered to your house. The reinforcer is getting the pizza.

Fixed Ratio:For every two weeks the child does his chores without parents nagging the child gets a new game. The Reinforcer is the new game.

Variable Ratio: After opening a lot of cases, you are rewarded with a knife. The reinforcer is the knife.

Variable Ratio:After pulling the slot machine lever a lot of times the person is rewarded with money. The reinforcer is the money.

Fixed Interval:At the end of a work week, you are presented with a paycheck for the work that you did. The reinforcer is the money that the paycheck is good for.

Fixed Interval:After a set amount of time in class the students get a recess. The reinforcer is the playtime.

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